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League of Women Voters President Opposes Voter ID

Kansas City, MO – Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan meets today with the national president of the League of Women Voters in St. Louis. Missouri is one of six states in which the non-partisan political organization will concentrate its efforts to inform voters about candidates and new voting regulations. KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross reports.


The League of Women Voters opposes Missouri's new law requiring voters to show photo identication at polling places. The organization signed on to lawsuits against similar measures in Georgia and Indiana, and is considering joining a federal case against the state of Missouri filed last week by residents, disability rights groups and the NAACP. President Mary Wilson says she's traveling around Missouri to help inform voters of the new requirements.

TAPE: WILSON: If the state happens to require a photo ID, or some other kind of identification, it's our job as voter advocates to make sure that voters are prepared.

A Cole County judge is expected to release a decision this week on two state challenges to the voter identification law.