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Lawmakers Reviewing Impact Of Tax Proposal

Apr 30, 2012

Kansas lawmakers are reviewing how a tax proposal would affect the state budget. House and Senate negotiators have already reached an initial agreement on a plan to cut income, business and property taxes.

Legislative researchers have been crunching the numbers on what the proposal would mean for the state's finances. Representative Richard Carlson, a St. Marys Republican, is the lead House negotiator. He says there's still work to do on the plan.

"You're dealing with a lot of moving parts and a lot of different taxes that go away or come into effect," Carlson said. "It's going to take quite some time. They've been working over the weekend trying to put together the actual dollar amounts."

Initial estimates show the proposal would reduce tax collections by hundreds of millions of dollars in the coming years. Some opponents of the plan say that would make it difficult for the state to fund schools and other services.