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Late For The Parade

Sep 12, 2012

Well, I blew it today on the job.

I was going to get an audio postcard and some great photos as the circus came to town.

Sadly, when I got downtown where the parade was to begin, all I saw was the short train, the recognizable "Greatest Show On Earth" insignia on each car.  The doors were wide open, obviously empty. No animals. No giddy kids.

I'd missed the parade by several hours.

But I did meet one friendly circus worker who was pitching hay from the rail cars that had carried the elephants, bears and lions to Kansas City.

He wanted me to identify him only as Ilyia, from Russia.

I said, “Where are the animals? The parade?”

He told me the animals were, by now, in “other building,” swiping the air several times toward the east, “over there.”  He made an elliptical shape with his large hands.

“The Sprint Center,” I said.

“Yes, yes, yes, Sprint Center,” he said.