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Late Abortion and Other Missouri Laws Take Effect

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Most of the new laws passed by the Missouri General Assembly this year officially took effect over the weekend. St. Louis Public Radio's Marshall Griffin reports they include the controversial ban on late abortions that Governor Jay Nixon allowed to become law without his signature.


The new law bans abortions on fetuses after 20 weeks unless the woman's life is in danger or the pregnancy poses a severe risk of bodily impairment.

Republican Tim Jones of St. Louis County sponsored the House version:

"Viability will now become the new standard which will determine whether or not a late-term abortion can be performed or not in the state of Missouri," says Jones.

Opponents say the new law will intrude on difficult family decisions and do nothing to protect the health of women.

Other new laws now in effect include drug testing for certain welfare recipients and a ban on bath salts that can be used as synthetic drugs.


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