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The Last Walt Bodine Show

Apr 27, 2012

Thank you all for joining KCUR this Friday morning at 10 a.m. for the very last Walt Bodine Show, and showing such outstanding support for Walt, and his contributions to local journalism.

Walt was join for the hour by his friends Monroe Dodd, Charles Ferruzza and Russ Simmons. The three have known Walt over the years as regular guests and co-hosts, and will talk with Walt today about his influence in Kansas City.



Walton Marshall Bodine was born in Kansas City, Mo., on August 27, 1920

KDRO Sedalia, Mo. 1940
KVAK Atchison, Kan., KPAC Port Arthur, Tex., KCKN Kansas City, Kan. 1940-46
WDAF Kansas City, Mo. 1947-65
WHB Kansas City, Mo. 1965-74 - Nitebeat
KMBZ Kansas City, Mo. 1978-82
KCUR Kansas City, Mo. 1983 – present

WDAF Channel 4 Anchor, Host and News Director 1947-65
KCITChannel 50, News director 1969-71
KBMA Channel 41 - “Bodine's Beat” and "41 Thirty" mid-1970s thru mid-1980
KMBC Channel 9 Commentator 1982-2001 - What do you say to lovable joints?


As a special treat towards the end of the hour, join us for the debut of a song singer Marilyn Maye wrote for Walt Bodine. You can listen to the original song here:

And download it by clicking here, and going to "Save As" in your web browser.