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Marilyn Maye's Song For Walt Bodine

Apr 27, 2012

Thank you all for joining KCUR this Friday morning at 10 a.m. for the very last Walt Bodine Show, and showing such outstanding support for Walt, and his contributions to local journalism.

Walt was join for the hour by his friends Monroe Dodd, Charles Ferruzza and Russ Simmons. The three have known Walt over the years as regular guests and co-hosts, and will talk with Walt today about his influence in Kansas City.

Listen to the song here:

And download it by clicking here, and going to "Save As" in your web browser.

As a special treat towards the end of the hour, join us for the debut of a song singer Marilyn Maye wrote for Walt Bodine.

Hello, dear Walt
And may I say?

You know you’ve got our praise
And all our thanks today

So many shows on the radio
from Sedalia to KC MO
So many years, that’s a fact
You’ve always had great wisdom
So what do you say to that?
When you were on the air
Your info was the best we’ve heard
You wrote your books with great care
You skillfully chose each word
You’ve lived your life in broadcasting
You’ve had everlasting enthusiasm all the way
And now we send you our love today
So may I say….

Mr. Walt Bodine
We honor you
With great esteem
We have listened well to you
As always it has seemed
To be a much better world
All Kansas Citians knew
That you would speak your mind
Your truths, your beliefs
And you would always find
At the end of your day
You’ve made a much better world
You’ve given with your talents
Your great knowledge, oh you’re wise
You’ve interviewed all walks of life
Oh, you deserve a prize
You have loyal friends and fans, a loving family too
So today they’re joining hands to say
Walt we do love you
So the time has flown by
For 72 years, you’ve been the star
The Walt Bodine Show
You’ve lived and followed your dream
For a much better world
And with you, dear Walt Bodine
It’s been a wonderful world
Congratulations to you Walt on a highly successful working life
Now live every day in joyful satisfaction and great pride while we say…
Thanks to you
Cheers from Marilyn Maye