Kyle Hatley Looks Back On Eight Years In Kansas City's Theater Scene

Jul 28, 2014

Kyle Hatley has become a familiar face in Kansas City; after eight years, he's preparing to move back to Chicago.
Credit Kansas City Repertory Theatre

Kyle Hatley arrived in Kansas City to serve as Assistant Artistic Director for the Kansas City Repertory Theatre in April 2008. He drove into town in the midst of a tornado, and he hasn't stopped moving since.

After eight years of tireless immersion in both the Kansas City Repertory Theatre and the grassroots theater scene, Hatley has decided it's time to return to Chicago. There, he will join his fiance, actress Emily Peterson. 

On Monday's Central Standard, Hatley reflected on the vibrancy of the Kansas City theater community, the mark he's made here in town, and his growth as an artist over the past eight years.

His advice to Kansas City?

"Keep doing what you're doing." 


  • Kyle Hatley, outgoing assistant director, Kansas City Repertory Theatre