Kemper ARTcast 5: Interview with Elaine Grove | KCUR

Kemper ARTcast 5: Interview with Elaine Grove

Kemper Museum had the opportunity to sit with friends and family of the deceased painter to provide further insight into his work and life. Dan Christensen's widow, Elaine Grove, describes his studio practice and the motivations behind his work. A new survey of paintings by the late artist (1942-2007)documents Christensen's "never-ending quest to understand the possibilities of color, paint, and pictorial space."

Kansas City, MO – Dan Christensen: Forty Years of Painting
May 15-August 30, 2009
Kemper Museum

Produced in collaboration with KCUR 89.3 FM, Kemper ARTcasts is the Kemper Museum's podcast series. This project brings the voices and insights of artists, as well as community and curatorial voices, to a broad range of listeners.

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