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Kemper ARTcast 2: Artists' Conversation

Artists Deb Sokolow and Nancy Hwang have site specific projects on view at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. They met recently to discuss the similarities and differences in their work.

Kansas City, MO – Deb Sokolow's work You are one step closer to learning the truth weaves together a story about barbecue and the fountain of youth. Painted directly on the Museum's walls, visitors are chart their own path through the artist's paranoid, yet witty, narrative. While in the Museum's atrium, Nancy Hwang is visiting with museum-goers through the end of February in her project This is not a couch. Hwang is seated on a couch waiting to connect with people. Her goal is to break down social barriers and build bridges between people in Kansas City.

MUSIC: "Symmetry" (2007), by Kansas City group Monta at Odds. In a recent exhibition at Review Studios, artist Jorge Garcia Almodovar's wall piece called "Untitled (Symmetry)" (2007) used a sound-activated electronic color organ, which translated this musical piece.

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