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Kemper ARTcast 1: Talk to a Docent

Kemper Museum Docent Winfried Wiegraebe was born and raised in West Germany, but after reunification, he lived in East Germany near Leipzig. Here, Wiegraebe describes the day the Berlin Wall came down on November 9, 1989, and some of the reactions to a united Germany. He also talks about his love for contemporary art.

Kansas City, MO – The exhibition Life After Death: New Leipzig Paintings from the Rubell Family Collection (November 16, 2007 - February 3, 2008) highlights the work of seven artists whose traditional painting style flourished in Leipzig, a former East German town isolated from the Western influences of the 20th century.

MUSIC: "Loveliness Extreme" (2007), by Kansas City based composer Ingrid Stolzel, a native of Germany, and performed by newEar contemporary chamber ensemble.

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