KCUR Evening Newscast 2-11-08 | KCUR

KCUR Evening Newscast 2-11-08

KCUR Evening Headlines (2 min 2 sec)

  • The Federal Transportation Security Administration has named KCI as one of seven airports around the country to test beefed up security screening measures for airport employees. KCI spokesman Joe McBride says the screening will occur outside public parts of the airport and should not inconvenience passengers.
  • A Kansas Senate committee has endorsed a proposal bill to allow two coal-fired plants to be built in the state, in defiance of state regulators, who stopped the plants last year amid concerns about green house gas emissions.
  • A long-time employee of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has been tapped to head the agency's environmental division.
  • Missouri lawmakers are considering bills overhauling the state's campaign finance laws. Last year the Missouri Supreme Court tossed out a law allowing limitless campaign donations.
  • Greensburg Kansas has announced plans to build a dozen environmentally friendly demonstration homes.