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KCMO and KCK Elections, Oz Memorabilia, Ashley Miller

Apr 1, 2013

Voters Weigh In On Future Of Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing

Question 3 on Kansas City, Missouri’s ballot tomorrow, deals with an issue that’s generated heated discussion in City Hall over the past few years. It’s about Kansas City’s future in nuclear weapons manufacturing.

Health Tax Renewal Goes Before Voters Tuesday

Kansas City has long supported health services for people without insurance or a means to pay. This is primarily done through a health levy, or property tax, that brings in about $50 million annually. A portion of that tax will soon expire. Renewing it is now up for a popular vote this Tuesday. It’s Question 1 on the ballot. Despite all the contention around health policies and spending right now, there doesn’t appear to be much opposition to the local measure.

KCK Mayoral Foes Battle By Substance And Style*

Wyandotte County voters on Tuesday will decide who holds the reins as Mayor/CEO of Unified Government. Hear background on the two candidates who bring distinctly different approaches to operating the post.

Fatherhood Inspires Experimental Musician Ashley Miller

Usually one of Kansas City’s most experimental musicians, Ashley Miller has a new band and a new recording delivering bright, African-inspired grooves with spiritually-themed lyrics. Miller says that recently becoming a father has changed not just his music but the way he thinks about art.

From The Land Of Oz And Proud Of It

An unusual item produced to promote the 1939 film, a Wicked Witch of the West String Holder.
Credit Julie Denesha / KCUR

If you’re from Kansas, or even from Kansas City, Missouri, no matter where you go in the world, someone’s going to make a crack about Dorothy, or Toto. But not everyone here is trying to escape the legacy of The Wizard of Oz.  Topeka-born Jane Albright is a director of the International Wizard of Oz Club. She talks about the legacy of the Oz book series, the new movie and the collection that’s taken over the top floor of her house.

Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young Signs Off With 'Last Letter'

Nearly two million active duty U.S. servicemen and women are due back home by the end of this year. Many have struggled to reintegrate, but few more profoundly, or more publicly, than Tomas Young of Kansas City.   Young now says he’s ready to take his own life, but not before making one more stand against the war that wrecked his body. 

Rural Post Offices In Crisis

The U.S. Postal Service is in the midst of a major cost-cutting effort. Along with the well-publicized end of Saturday delivery that may happen this year and consolidating major mail centers, there is another move that is hitting home in rural America. The Postal Service plans on cutting staff and hours at about 13,000 post offices.

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