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KCK Sues EPA Over Move

Jul 19, 2011

Kansas City, KS – Citing irreparable harm to the community of Kansas City Kansas, Unified Government filed suit today against the federal government. The action asks the general Services Administration be barred from moving EPA regional headquarters to Lenexa.

The heart of the case centers on two Presidential Executive Orders to keep federal jobs in the central city, to strengthen and sustain urban cores. The suit calls the Lenexa site " one of the worst examples of suburban sprawl."

KCK Mayor Joe Reardon has said there are a lot of negatives. The move would destroy the downtown district. He said, the new site would separate EPA from its laboratory--"common sense would tell you that such a move would lead to inefficiencies and throws environmental sensibility out the window." The suit also says federal complexes must be located in pedistrian friendly areas with available mass transit.

EPA has already signed a contract for the Lenexa move. The suit tries to stop it and negate the contract. It asks for temporary and permanent injunctions against the federal landlord, the GSA.

The GSA declined comment, citing need for confidentiality in legal defense.