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KCK Lawyer has Royal Lineage

Jan 4, 2010

Kansas City, MO – What if you had a chance at being royalty, would you leave life as you know it behind?

That's the decision Kansas City Kansas lawyer Adebayo Ogunmeno is contemplating. The Washburn University graduate came to the United States to study 26 years ago. But because he is a prince in his homeland in Southwest Nigeria, he's potentially in line to become the next king.

If chosen, Ogunmeno would return to Nigeria and be immersed again in Yoruba culture. He would rule over the 200,000 citizens of Sagamu, a predominantly Yoruba area with 30 nearby cities, towns and villages. At this point, though, it's a waiting game, and no one knows when the seat will become available. Ogunmeno told Susan about this new job opportunity, beginning by explaining his royal lineage.

Adebayo Ogunmeno practices criminal defense and plaintiff law in Kansas City Kansas. His book Silence is Power teaches ordinary citizens how to safeguard their constitutional rights.

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