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KCAT Presents "Taking Sides"

German conductor Wilhelm Furtw?ngler led the Berlin Philharmonic from the early 1920s until almost the end of World War II. Hitler attended the concerts.

Kansas City, MO – After the war, Furtw?ngler was branded a Nazi-sympathizer. But, was he...or was he an artist out to protect the cultural life of his homeland? That's the question in the play called "Taking Sides". KCUR's Laura Spencer spoke with director Tom Mardikes, and actors Mark Robbins and Gary Holcombe, about the Kansas City Actors Theatre production.

"Taking Sides" by Ronald Harwood at the City Stage at Union Station, Previews August 8-14, 2008, Opens August 15, 2008, Closes August 31, 2008.

You can listen to some of Furtw?ngler's recordings here and some short excerpts from emusic.com here.

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