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KCAI Student Attempts "Most Performative Piece Ever"

Last weekend, a Kansas City Art Institute student completed his senior year in a way that makes grueling final exams look like child's play. Jason Dixon spent 24 straight hours recreating famous solo performance pieces.

Kansas City, MO – Jason Dixon (KCAI, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2009) spent 24 straight hours recreating famous solo performance pieces by such artists as Yoko Ono and John Cage at the Charlotte Street Foundation's la Esquina. While the completed work certainly reflected the history of the movement, it also allowed Dixon to apply his own personal stamp.

Friday May 8, 2009, noon - Saturday May 9, 2009, 12:30pm


Bruce Nauman -"Bouncing in Corner 1 " 1hr (12:00pm - 1:00pm
John Baldessari - "I Will Not Make Anymore Boring Art" 32min (1:01pm - 1:33pm)
Bruce Nauman - "Stamping in Studio" 1hr (1:33pm - 2:34pm)
John Baldessari - "I Am Making Art" 19min (2:35pm - 2:54pm)
Sherman Fleming - "AxeVapor" 10min (2:56pm - 3:06pm)
Vito Acconci - "Turn On" 22min (3:07pm - 3:29pm)
Geoffrey Hendricks - "Body Hair" 8min (3:30pm - 3:38pm)
Vito Acconci - "Theme Song" 33min (3:38pm - 4:11pm)
Bruce Nauman - "Flesh to White to Black to Flesh" 51min (4:12pm - 5:03pm)
Gilbert and George - "Singing Sculpture" 25min (5:04pm - 5:29pm)
Steina Vasulka - "Let it be" 4min (5:29pm - 5:33pm)
Jackson Pollock - "Drip Painting, Untitled" 1hr (5:35pm - 6:35pm)
Janine Antoni- "Loving Care" 1hr (3:49pm - 4:49pm)
Paul McCarthy - "White Line" 23min (6:36pm - 6:59pm)
Janine Antoni- "Loving Care" 35min (7:00pm - 7:35pm)
Mierle Laderman - "Maintenance Art" 2hrs (7:35pm - 9:35pm)
Mark McGowan - "Dunce" 8hrs (9:35pm - 5:36am)
Marina Abramovic - "Rhythm 0" 6hrs (5:37am - 11:37am)
Yoko Ono - "Cut Piece" 30min (11:37am - 12:07pm)
John Cage - "4 33" 4min 33sec (12:08pm - 12:12pm)
Chris Burden - "Softly into the Night" 2min (12:13pm - 12:15pm)
The following performance will be Impromptu and performed when nature sings her siren song: Tom Marioni as Allan Fish - "Pissing" 5min, (Impromptu)

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