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KC Takes Double Discrimination Hit

Jan 27, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – For a second time in two days, Kansas City has suffered a court finding of reverse discrimination. Judgments against the city are mounting into the millions.

At Jackson County Courthouse, a jury finds two laid off female city employees were wrongly let go and awarded them more than $2.6 million actual and punitive damages.

54 year old Colleen Low and 63 year old Jordan Griffin claimed they'd had glowing performance reviews, yet were dismissed while minority and younger workers were kept in 2009.

Two days ago, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled against the city in a reverse discrimination case brought by a candidate for the municipal court. The award in that one was $2.1 million.

At the time, the City Attorney said funds set aside to pay these kinds of losses were short by about half. That was before today's case added another 2.6 million. The City is reviewing options whether to appeal.