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KC Streetcar Tax Challenge In Judges' Hands

Jul 16, 2013

The Kansas City Court of Appeals has taken testimony to help judges decide factors that will affect timely construction of a new downtown streetcar. 

The case centers on protests of taxes to support building and operating the line.

Photo illustration of how a streetcar might look going southbound on Main Street.
Credit HDR Corp.

On one hand, City Hall argues the cutoff date to contest the vote on a taxing district is long past.

On the other, lawyers for two property owners think opponents of the 1 cent sales tax and a property tax increase had proper time to object.  That’s the heart of it.

Less central to the case is the argument that the opponents may own property in the district but don’t live there and had no chance to vote on the taxes.

Only streetcar district residents could vote.

The streetcar would run between Union Station/Crown Center and the River Market along Main Street. It would run through the Crossroads Arts District and  central business district.

It carries an initial price tag of $102 million and construction hasn’t started yet on the 2.2 mile route.

Attorneys indicate they don’t expect a ruling from the Missouri Appeals Court before autumn.