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KC Schools Ask Court To Block Student Transfers

Dec 13, 2013

The Kansas City school district will go to court to attempt to stop a state Supreme Court ruling from allowing students to transfer to adjoining accredited districts from taking effect. 

After a closed meeting of the school board yesterday, board president Airick West said the district will file for an injunction  blocking the transfers today. West said the action is being taken to protect the students and the progress they and the district have mad over the past 24 months from what he called "outside circumstances that threaten the growth of that achievement."

The recent Supreme Court ruling upheld a Missouri law that allows students to transfer from unaccredited districts at that district's expense.

The district scored high enough to regain provisional accreditation this fall, but it was denied by the Missouri board of education. West said the school board is asking that the transfers be blocked while it attempts to reverse the state board's refusal.

You can see a copy of the lawsuit here.