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KC Remembers: A Tribute to Walt Bodine

Mar 28, 2013

Legendary broadcaster Walt Bodine died on Sunday, March 24, at the age of 92. Today on Central Standard, we remember Walt with familiar sounds of regular guests, old friends, and of course, Walt Bodine.

In the first part of the show, we'll listen back to an audio montage of highlights from The Walt Bodine Show when the program celebrated 30 years on the air.

"To Kansas City, With Love"

Then, we'll rebroadcast an audio documentary originally titled, "To Kansas City, With Love." It was produced by former co-host Gina Kaufmann and reporter/producer Suzanne Hogan and first aired on April 14, 2009. The production tells the story of Walt's transitions from radio to television and back again, his relationship to the people of Kansas City and the impact he had on the industry, with special appearances by Walt's colleagues and members of the Bodine family.

Listen to the documentary here.

Walt Bodine Special: Ira Glass

In 2004, Walt talked to fellow storyteller Ira Glass of This American Life about the ins and outs of radio journalism, and what happens when, inevitably, things go awry.

During their conversation, both shared their 'go-to' questions. Ira told Walt he likes to ask, "How did that turn out differently than you thought it would?" while Walt prefers, "What is it that the public in general does not understand about you?"

Find the interview here.

StoryCorps in KC: Walt Bodine and Tom Bodine

At StoryCorps recording booths across the country, friends and loved ones interview each other about their lives. In 2006, a StoryCorps MobileBooth, a soundproof recording studio in an Airstream trailer, was stationed in the City Market in Kansas City, Mo. Walt's son, Tom, brought his father, and Walt shared what he missed most about his loss of vision.

"It's always been something, I've admired the way you faced that hardship with never a complaint," said Tom. "And you've just dealt with it and pressed ahead."

"No use to complain because nothing will change," replied Walt. He then continued, "I will tell you a funny story, though..."

Listen to the interview here.