KC History: This WWI Memoir Isn't A Major Motion Picture, Yet

Aug 2, 2012

Around the time that the 19th Century turned into the 20th, the most extraordinary man grew up in the woods of Western Missouri. There he learned to track and shoot with consummate skill.

When the United States went to war in 1917, he went to war, used those skills, and came home with the highest decoration his country could bestow. He was an independent guy, who loved nothing more than doing combat in his own way. And when peace came, he handled it his own way, too.

This man was named John Louis Barkley. He was born 1895, died 1966, and received a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Joining us for Central Standard Friday is Steven Trout, who wrote the introduction to a new edition of Barkley's WWI memoir Scarlet Fields.

Steven Trout, University of Southern Alabama