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KC Highway Work To Go Begging

May 5, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – Missouri Highway construction will take a dramatic loss by a redrawn five-year program presented the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission today. It is no more dramatic than seen in the Kansas City revisions.

Only those to which MoDot is already committed will become certain reality. Far fewer major projects will begin in the next five years. District Engineer Beth Wright is referring to the $139 million budget this year for Kansas City highways and bridges. It will drop to a five year low of about $59 million by year 2015.

Overall, the plan calls for statewide construction awards averaging $500 million a year. The previous program was more than double, at $1.25 billion.

With the cuts, MoDOT will not replace major bridges or deliver improvements to corridors. The Highway Commission blames uncertain federal funding, stagnant state income and a lack of money from Amendment-3 voter required bonds.