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KC Delegates Cheer McCain's Speech

Sep 5, 2008

Kansas City delegates say John McCain's acceptance speech set the right tone for his campaign, one of integrity, strength and conservative themes. Melinda Wittstock has more from the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

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McCain promised to rid Washington of its constant partisan rancor, just one night after some partisan barbs from his number two on the ticket Sarah Palin. Kansas City delegate Rebecca Rooney says she could live with Democrats in a McCain administration, but she has some conditions.

"As long as they are willing to work with us towards a common goal for a better America then bring 'em on," Rooney said.

The speech was short on policy specifics - not so much about issues but character issues. Harvey Tuttlebaum is a lawyer and farmer from California, Missouri:

"I thought he hit it right on," Tuttlebaum said. "His whole message of country first is the right message for this campaign."

McCain stuck close to traditional conservative themes - low taxes, school vouchers and strong defense.

"I thought it was a great speech enunciation of our principles," said Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.

McCain and Palin hit the campaign trail today in Wisconsin.