KC Council News: Nov. Light Rail Vote, No Police Change At KCI

Aug 8, 2008

Kansas Citians can look forward to a vote on light rail and some fancy new parking meters downtown.

Councilman Russ Johnson's compromise starter route won unanimous final approval yesterday, and the sales tax to support it will go to the voters in November. Johnson says though most voters want a more expansive plan, the majority polled endorse the northland to 63rd Street plan.

"This is the first time any public opinion poll had favored any route. So I think the voters understand that the airport is a goal... but this is not the end result, this is a starting point."

The council also announced a six-month try-out for a new kind of downtown parking meter that will accept credit cards and folding money.

Also, the Kansas City police department won't be taking over at the airport. The council announced a compromise featuring more communication and cooperation between the two departments.