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KC Council Committee Supports Smoking Ordinance Changes

Sep 19, 2008

Kansas City, MO – A Kansas City council committee has endorsed two changes to the city's smoking ordinance. Voters narrowly approved a ban on smoking in most public places back in April. But one of the proposed changes, [sponsored by Councilman Ed Ford,] would now allow smoking in tobacco shops.

Kendall Culbertson owns a local shop and testified before the public safety committee yesterday. Culbertson says,"I have a large smoking lounge, it's what I've centered all my business around. And, casinos can smoke, but my store cannot smoke.

Culbertson also said other places, like Overland Park and Lenexa, have similar smoking bans, but that they don't include tobacco shops. The second proposed change would clarify where smoking is permitted in casinos. It would allow it on the gaming floors but not in the hallways or other areas around it.

Last week, Ameristar told the committee that a ban in hallways would be difficult to enforce. Both revisions move to the full council next week. They require at least 9 votes in order to be adopted.

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