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KC Categories: Your Favorites, Their Favorites & Mine, Too.

May 17, 2012

No doubt a friend or colleague has asked you for a restaurant recommendation, a good suggestion for the weekend, or a great place to spend a relaxing evening.

Well, you have yours, and so do they.  Friday on Up to Date: Elizabeth Alex and Chris Hernandez of NBC Action News and Nick Haines of KCPT public television join Steve Kraske for a KC Categories broadcast to talk about some of their favorite places to go and things to do in Kansas City

From favorite meals, movies and food stores, to great bars..... from the best place to view the city to their favorite place to go that feels like you're not in Kansas City, our guests will share a bit of themselves and perhaps even give you a few ideas (hopefully) your benefit.

Play along with us! We'd like to hear about your favorites. Visit KCUR's Facebook page and answer three categories. We'll share some of your responses during Friday's show.