KBA Board Meets At Innovative Research Center; New Investments Will Be Announced

Jul 25, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri – A spokesman for Kansas Bioscience Authority says the state- funded agency will be meeting at the Venture Accelerator - one of the new buildings at the Kansas Bioscience Park, in Olathe. Sherlyn Manson says the board plans to make an announcement Monday or Tuesday morning about new investments in human and animal health start-ups.

Manson says the Venture Accelerator is built to foster collaboration, and help fledgling bioscience companies; "The Venture Accelerator is a innovation incubator that helps bioscience companies get products to market efficiently and effectively."

Manson says she expects questions about the finances of the KBA, which came under scrutiny by the Kansas legislature last session. But, she says, there's no reason to worry; "The KBA staff is working hard every day to grow the bioscience sector. That's our mission ad that's what were working toward every day."

The former head of the KBA, Tom Thornton, remains under investigation by the Johnson County District Attorney.