Kansas Tax Negotiators Begin Meetings | KCUR

Kansas Tax Negotiators Begin Meetings

Mar 28, 2013

A select group of lawmakers from the Kansas House and Senate started negotiations on tax legislation today. The conference committee will work to find a compromise between bills that passed the two chambers.

The bills have one large difference. The Senate version makes a temporary sales tax permanent to help offset the costs of income tax cuts. The House version allows the sales tax to expire as planned later this year, and introduces additional income tax reductions more slowly.

Senator Les Donovan, a Wichita Republican, says extending the sales tax is critical.

“That is the bottom line -you might say the lynchpin- of whether this works or not,” says Donovan.

But Representative Richard Carlson, a Republican from St. Marys, says some House members believe a plan that keeps the sales tax elevated won't pass the House.

Leaders in the Kansas Senate say they want negotiations on tax and budget issues to be finished by next week.