Kansas Senator Warns Threat To Food Supply Bigger Than Believed | KCUR

Kansas Senator Warns Threat To Food Supply Bigger Than Believed

Apr 29, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri – Kansas Senator Pat Roberts told an international conference on agro terrorism today in Kansas city that Washington has threats to our food supply too low on its list of priorities.

Among the concerns the 750 participants studied over the 3 day conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel: the shrinking global economy (we import from over 50 different countries,) our vast transportation systems that move food quickly from coast to coast, and the easy accessibility of information.

Senator Pat Roberts said he believes an intentional attack is inevitable; "There are a lot of people, if they have a degree in chemistry, they could put together something that could be very devastating. So easy to do."

The conference also focused on the food safety law passed earlier this year, case studies of food tampering - both actual and hoaxes, as well as facilities and infrastructure that promote food defense.

Special Agent Craig Walz with the Kansas City FBI said it made sense to have this international conference in Kansas City; "The Midwest is the breadbasket of the country, and what better place to have a conference, where we bring in representatives from all 50 states and 25 countries, where food and agriculture is so very important."

This was the 4th International Symposium on Agro terrorism to be held in Kansas City. The goal - to promote coordination and communication across disciplines in the event of an intentional or unintentional disease outbreak.