Kansas Lawmakers To Receive Government IT Security Update | KCUR

Kansas Lawmakers To Receive Government IT Security Update

Dec 3, 2013

A select group of Kansas lawmakers will receive an update on the state's Internet technology security during a committee meeting Tuesday. The annual audit involves combing through the security protocols of state agencies looking for problems.

The auditors have been scrutinizing security procedures at nine state agencies. Scott Frank with the Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit says security is important because the state handles sensitive information… in tax records, Medicaid health documents and other places. Frank says they look at agencies from a variety of angles, from how they handle passwords to how well they can fend off a cyberattack.

"And we give them some pretty specific feedback on the problems and then try and paint a broader, more general picture for the legislators to get a sense of what we're seeing out there," says Frank.

Much of the information presented to lawmakers will not be made public, to avoid divulging any potential weaknesses. Legislators will be briefed on the audit's findings in a closed-door meeting.