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Kansas Lawmakers Delay Work On Education Funding

Mar 25, 2014

Work on education funding bills continues in the Kansas Statehouse. The legislation is being considered in response to a state Supreme Court ruling that said there are unconstitutional funding disparities between school districts.

Lawmakers are expected to start work this week on a solution, but committee work Monday was delayed.

Republican Sen. Ty Masterson from Andover  says they're not yet in a position to begin work on a proposal.

"So I think there's just this buzz on how do we respond, and you've got 165 different opinions of what that response should be. And I'm a little nervous just opening it wide open for everybody without some semblance of where you might want to go," says Masterson.

Democrats are concerned that other education issues will be worked into any solution. Lawrence Rep. Paul Davis, who's running for governor against Republican Sam Brownback, says lawmakers should just pay the $129 million the court says is needed and be done with it.

"This is a no-brainer of sorts. I don't know why it's so difficult to deal with the issue that's been outlined here," says Davis.

July 1 is the deadline to craft a solution, but the goal of many legislators is make progress on a plan before the end of next week, when lawmakers start a month-long break.