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Kansas Immigration, Servers Tell All, Cratedigger Tim Goodwillie

Feb 6, 2012

The show for February 5, 2012.  Click "Listen" to hear the entire show, see below for individual stories.

Kansas Agribusinesses Seek To Hire Undocumented Workers

A coalition of business and farm advocates have proposed legislation to allow some who are in the country without legal documents to work in the state’s meat and dairy industry. They say they need immigrant labor to stay profitable.

Kansas Cuts SNAP Benefits To Some Immigrants' Families

The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services recently cut off hundreds – possibly thousands – of immigrant families from receiving food stamps.  Dave Ranney of the Kansas Health Institute talks about how this policy change came to affect so many Kansas families.

Cratedigger: Tim Goodwillie

The latest in our Cratediggers series, where we talk to Kansas Citians digging up interesting audio from the past: commercials, radio shows, speeches, etc.: Tim Goodwillie is an audio artist who happened upon some of Kansas City's musical history in some tapes he found in his attic.

Servers Tell All: Jeff Esparza

In our second story from the "I'll be your Server Tonight" event at the Writer's Place, local bartender Jeff Esparza talks about his baptism by fire in the restaurant industry at a diner in Northern California.

Soul Train Memories

With the death of Don Cornelius this week, KCUR's Susan Wilson and other Kansas Citians share their memories of watching Soul Train.

Selling Doctors On Rural Communities

Recruiting doctors to small towns is a chronic problem. Most places try to lure a physician by rolling out the red carpet with a big salary, a home on a golf course or other cushy perks. Not so in Ashland, Kan., population 855, where the CEO of a tiny hospital is building a reverse recruitment model based on remote access and problems commonly found in third-world countries.

"One Of The Most Glorious Organs"

For a series called Artists in Their Own Words, KCUR's Laura Spencer talks to Community of Christ organist Jan Kraybill about the complexities and joys of the instrument.