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Kansas Delegate Says GOP Convention Finding Focus

Sep 3, 2008

Kansas City, MO – As the GOP National Convention gathers steam in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Republican Consultant David Kensinger of Topeka says the event is beginning to find its focus and an exciting one.

"This is to a large extent the Palin Convention," says Kensinger. "People are always interested in the next thing, the new thing. Up until Friday of last week, most Americans couldn't have told you who Sarah Palin was. And she's created a buzz and a level of excitement and interest that wasn't there Friday morning. You're seeing something genuinely new. You're not seeing Joe Biden, who's been on the stage for over 30 years."

Governor Sarah Palin addresses the convention tonight.

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback was to have nominated the vice-presidential candidate, and some sources say he had prepared a speech endorsing Joe Lieberman. Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii will nominate Palin tonight. Brownback is now slated to be one of four people speaking tomorrow night to introduce presidential nominee John McCain.