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Kansas City Nonprofits Get Grants

Oct 9, 2009

Kansas City, MO – Two Kansas City nonprofits have been recognized for their efforts to address critical social issues. They'll receive $400,000 from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation's Neighborhood Excellence Initiative.

Communities Creating Opportunity provides tools and training to tackle issues like health care, housing, and economics. And the Charlotte Street Foundation supports the local arts community with annual cash awards, free studio spaces, and other opportunities.

Spence Heddens is the Kansas City President at Bank of America and says he's been aware of Charlotte Street since its founding more than a decade ago.

Heddens: "It's such a grassroots effort to support the artists. It's hard not to get on the bandwagon and support them (the Charlotte Street Foundation)."

Each organization will receive 200 thousand dollars in unrestricted funds. Bank of America's Neighborhood Excellence Initiative is distributing 20 million dollars globally this year, for a total of 90 million dollars over the past five years.