Kansas City Loosens Liquor License Rules For Some Felony Offenders

Jun 27, 2014

Finding a job may be getting a little easier in Kansas City, Mo., for some people convicted of crimes.

Some of them will no longer have to wait four years to get a “liquor card.”

In Kansas City, all people involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages in restaurants, bars and retail stores have to be licensed by the city.

People convicted of violent crimes are not eligible.  And until now, those with nonviolent felony convictions, including drunk driving, had a four-year wait after they had served any time involved.

Concilman John Sharp said Thursday that ending that waiting period would be a great help to many who were convicted of crimes like theft and drug offenses.

“Young people, particularly, who have made a mistake – this gives them a second chance to straighten their lives out.” Sharp said.

Colleague Scott Taylor expressed concerns about letting felons, especially those with alcohol-related offenses work selling alcohol when freshly out of jail. His was the only “no” vote on Thursday.