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Kansas City Hosts American Culinary Federation Convention

Jul 25, 2014

Chefs at the American Culinary Federation conference create complicated food items, such as these sugar sculptures.
Credit purpletwinkie / Flickr-CC

  When you imagine what it's like to be a chef, you might picture toiling in a hot kitchen, with order requests coming in left and right. In reality, not every chef works in a restaurant.

On Friday's Up to Date, we talk about the other professional opportunities chefs have, from creating recipes for corporate food giants to experimenting with food in a lab.

We also take a look at what speakers and activities you can join at this weekend's American Culinary Federation's national conference.


  • Thomas Macrina, national president of the American Culinary Federation 
  • Mark Webster, president of the American Culinary Federation's Greater Kansas City Chefs Association