Kansas City Eludes Record Yearly Heat | KCUR

Kansas City Eludes Record Yearly Heat

Nov 26, 2012

Repeated weeks of blazing hot temperatures seemed certain to put 2012 into the record books for Kansas City and its region.

Not yet.

While most anything is possible in the remaining days of the year, central and eastern Missouri and not Kansas City are taking the dubious honors.

A data search by National Weather Service meteorologist Spencer Mell  found this has not been the warmest year for metro Kansas City since record keeping started in 1888, “1934 and 1954 were slightly warmer than what we’re experiencing now in 2012 as far as temperatures through November 25th.”

Mell said, to date, this has been the third warmest for Kansas City.

As climatologists keep track of heated weather and its effect on agricultural crops and outdoor home plantings, data becomes clear that St. Louis and Columbia have already logged in as warmest year on record to November 25, not metro Kansas City.