Kansas City Deploys Tandem Plows To Deal With Snow | KCUR

Kansas City Deploys Tandem Plows To Deal With Snow

Feb 5, 2014

A snow storm that went on and on coupled with extreme cold and gusty winds has Kansas City, Mo., changing the way it handles snow removal.

With snowfall of over an inch and a half an hour plus drifting Tuesday it was hard to keep traffic arteries cleared. So late in the day Mayor Sly James announced that the city would be using tandem plow teams in areas and at times of day single plows would usually be deployed.

“The wind is starting to blow snow back and forth across the street, and in order to keep a driveable lane we need to double up on plows on the arterials and there will some attempt to do that in the residential areas as well," James said.

The mayor said teaming the plows will make a difference faster where they are working, but will also make snow removal city-wide take longer. He asked that businesses in different areas start their days at staggered times to give the two-plow teams room to work.