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Kansas Board Of Education Considers Cursive

Nov 15, 2012

The Kansas Board of Education could develop a set of recommendations for teaching cursive writing in Kansas schools.

The Board of Ed discussed the issue at a meeting in Topeka. Cursive writing is not required to be taught in Kansas, but some members have heard from their constituents about the issue.

Janet Waugh is a board member from Kansas City, Kansas.

“I had grandparents talk with me about this and about how they noticed their grandchildren could not write.  They simply couldn’t write cursive.”

Education officials surveyed Kansas school districts and 90 percent of the ones that responded said they do teach cursive.

Board members who spoke on the issue talked about a possible connection between handwriting and brain development. They said they support teaching handwriting, even in an age of digital communication.

Board members could create recommendations for teaching cursive during their meeting next month.