Kansas Biosciences Get Boost From Partnership With USDA | KCUR

Kansas Biosciences Get Boost From Partnership With USDA

Jul 28, 2010

The Kansas Bioscience Authority said at its annual meeting this week that the USDA will partner with Kansas to promote bioscience research.

The KBA says the partnership is a huge benefit to existing efforts to collaborate with local and state governments. The KBA also collaborates extensively with venture capital companies. The KBA has invested 50 million dollars in bioscience research, and has attracted a number of firms to the area who have promised to invest up to 200 million dollars.

Board member Angela Krepps says the USDA partnership will accelerate this process.

"Whether in animal health, human health, drug discovery, drug delivery, particularly in the area of cancer therapeutics. These are where naturally we are going to have an advantage over other states."

The Kansas Bioscience Authority has invested several million dollars to bring cancer researchers to The Kansas University Medical Center. It recently had Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelieus in town to discuss future cancer research opportunities.

The Kansas Legislature funded the KBA with 580 million dollars in 2004 to create economic and scientific strength in the regions between Kansas City, Manhattan, and Columbia.