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Kan. Board Of Education Preparing For Swine Flu

Aug 11, 2009

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Board of Education is working on recommendations for dealing with swine flu during the coming school year.Yesterday, board members were briefed on strategies for slowing the disease. KPR Statehouse Reporter Stephen Koranda has more.

Yesterday, State Health Officer Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips briefed the Board on ways to slow the spread of the disease. He says they should develop plans that won't require closing schools if the flu isn't widespread.

EBERHART-PHILLIPS: When schools close, parents have to take time off work to be home with kids - kids who are well, kids who should be learning, kids who have a lot more to do than sit around the house while school is closed - and parents who have a lot more to do in the workforce and contribute to the community in other ways."

Eberhart-Phillips told board members schools should require sick kids to stay home, and provide stations for frequent hand washing or sanitizing for students and staff.

According to the Kansas Health Department (KDHE), as many as 20 to 40 percent of Kansans could be infected by the H1N1 flu by 2011.

KDHE estimates the state has had more than ten-thousand cases of H1N1 flu so far. One death has been confirmed.