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K2, Synthetic Marijuana Ban Passes Missouri Senate

May 5, 2010

Jefferson City, Mo. – The Missouri Senate has passed a bill that would outlaw K-2, a group of synthetic compounds that attempt to mimic the effects of marijuana. But the chamber also lessened the proposed penalties for possessing the compounds.

The version passed by the House would make possession of any amount of K-2 a felony. The Senate amended the bill to make possession of less than 35 grams a misdemeanor, the same as with marijuana.

Democrat Jolie Justus of Kansas City sponsored the amendment, saying felony possession of small amounts would be too heavy-handed.

"Having a little bit in your pocket at age 18 or 19, all of a sudden, you could be preventing yourself from working in several different careers...and I just don't think as a state that we think that that's a good policy," said Justus.

The Senate unanimously passed the bill with the misdemeanor requirement. The sponsor of the original House bill says he won't challenge the change made by the Senate.