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Judge Moves To Protect KC Chiefs Orphan's Fortune

Jan 11, 2013

A Jackson County court official is taking action to guard the future of the orphaned baby of a Kansas City Chiefs player who murdered the child’s mother and killed himself.

A court commissioner moves to protect an orphaned infant's fortune. The money's sources all center on professional football.
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There is dispute over custody of 4-month-old Zoey Belcher.

The baby will inherit a fortune, possibly in the millions of dollars. 

Jackson County Probate Commissioner Daniel Wheeler held a hearing today to declare a contested custody petition and appoint a guardian ad litem. He will later choose a custodian.

Relatives of the dead mother seek estate custody, as does the mother of the killer.

Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot Kasandra Perkins December 1, then used the gun on himself at Arrowhead Stadium.

Zoey’s estate will get more than a million dollars via the NFL collective bargaining agreement.

More hundreds of thousands are in a fund held by the Chiefs owners.