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Johnson County Elections Board Recognized For Use of iPads

Jun 7, 2013

Johnson County Commissioners recognized one of their own for innovations in elections. 

They officially noted the recent award given to the Johnson County Election Board by the Harvard Kennedy School. The so-called Bright Ideas awards acknowledge innovations in American Government.

Johnson County was recognized for using iPads at polling places to make elections run more smoothly.   Spokesperson Sara Horn says officials put a map and register of polling places on line.

“It is a huge document when you are talking about the whole county,” said Horn.  “It has been so big that we could only send part of it to the polls.”

Horn says some of the data polling officials need are in huge old fashioned flipbooks, which are hard to use.

“We try various ways to let people know where to go. Putting it on the iPad helps the election workers because then they can direct the voters to the right places,” said Horn.

Those books get used a lot, too, Horn says, because many people end up at the wrong polling place.