Johnson County D.A. Phill Kline files brief asking the Kansas Supreme Court to throw out lawsuit against him.

Kansas City, MO – District Attorney Kline's personal lawyers filed a brief with the Supreme Court in Topeka, and staged a press conference in his Olathe office to talk about it. Caleb Stegall argued that Kline should be able to keep medical records subpoenaed as state attorney General, and took with him after losing his reelection bid, to the County DA's office. He maintains they indicate that Planned Parenthood tinkered with records, possibly to cover up illegal abortions. He says Planned Parenthood's attempt to force Kline to surrender those records amounts to a power grab.

Caleb Stegall: A criminal defendant does not have the right to tell his prosecutor how to investigate. A criminal defendant does not have the right to tell a prosecutor how evidence may be used.

Planned Parenthood argues that Kline and his staff have mishandled these medical records, storing them at times in a garage or residential dining room. They argue that Kline, who is a nationally recognized abortion opponent, is using the records for political purposes.