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Job Market Predictions For 2013

Jan 3, 2013

What will the job market hold for 2013? Nobody has a crystal ball, but certain trends are giving us a hint.

On Friday's Up to Date, Kansas City Star columnist Diane Stafford joins us to talk about the shift toward jobs in the field of geriatric medicine and high tech areas of computers, science and engineering.

We'll talk about how and where these jobs will appear in the next year and review how the Kansas City job market fared in 2012.

Diane Stafford is a business, workplace and economics writer and the careers columnist at The Kansas City Star. A veteran journalist, Diane has held various writing and editing positions on The Star's business, metropolitan and features desks, including a stint as city editor. She is a Kansas City native who holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Stanford University. She is married and has two grown sons.