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Jazz Singer Angela Hagenbach Releases New Album

Feb 22, 2010

Kansas City's Angela Hagenbach talks about the music business and her new album.

Kansas City, MO – It's been about twenty years since a model from Kansas City first heard Sarah Vaughn and decided she wanted to be a jazz singer. Since then, Angela Hagenbach has recorded six albums and started her own Amazon record label. But she owes her success to more than just being a great vocalist. Hagenbach has taken the business skills she learned in the fashion industry and applied them to becoming a successful music entrepreneur.

KCUR's Alex Smith visited with Angela Hagenbach to talk about her adventures in the jazz business as well as her new CD, The Way They Make Me Feel.

Hear Angela Hagenbach perform at the R Bar on Thursday, February 25. Also, she and her band perform in the upcoming movie Last Will starring Tatum O'Neal, Tom Berenger and James Brolin.

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