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Java Jive: KC's Local Roasting Scene

Aug 9, 2012

On this Thursday's Central Standard, java jive! Let's take a look at the emerging coffee scene here in town. Representatives from The Roasterie, Oddly Correct and Benetti’s stop in to tell us about their beans, blends and brews. Plus, answers to your questions about home brewing.

Ben Helt, Benetti’s
Gregory Kolsto, Oddly Correct
Paul Massard, Green Coffee Buyer for The Roasterie

What have you always wondered about your morning cup of joe? Do you have any questions about your home brewing routine? Call in at 816-235-2888, send us a tweet, or shoot us an e-mail.

The Caffeine Crawl 2012 is coming up September 15th and 16th. More info.

It seems you can't run a coffee company these days without a video to tell your story, or Coffee Cup News knocking at your door. Here are a few of our favorites from or featuring today's guests.