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Jail Combo Termed Glitch-Free

Sep 1, 2010

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City and Jackson County's regional jail has been in operation for a year now and the county executive told a City Council committee today it appears it will save the city a million dollars a year.

Executive Mike Sanders gave a glowing account of the joint cooperation, city and county. Unlike in past years with other jail efforts, there is no overcrowding. The remedy, said city head of Neighborhood and Community Services David Park, is send some inmates home on weekends if it looks as if a weekend inmate influx will be too big.
Park's words, "they're released for the weekend but they have the incentive to behave over the weekend because if they don't come back on Tuesday or they get in trouble over the weekend, then they're going to have to visit us longer."

The point is made that only non violent offenders are considered for furloughs.