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It's "Air" Time, Baby!

May 19, 2011

When you work on a radio talk show and you’re waiting for your guests, who have names such as Romeo DanceCheetah (That’s one word: DanceCheetah) and Björn Türoque (Pronounced Born to rock), and they are renowned air guitarists in town for a regional air guitar contest, you discover 10 things:

  1. You’re starting off your day really, really well!
  2. You’re preparing for the best show in the history of radio!
  3. Your career in journalism, media and platform agnostic multi-media has reached heights that you will never reach again.
  4. You have to do the show on streaming video just for the “airiness” of it all. How can those guys shred on the radio when you can’t see them?
  5. That to “air” is truly human but to rock out with an invisible instrument is divine.
  6. That your makeshift set in your radio studio that you’re using for the video presentation looks like a Dental office waiting room circa 1971 or the high school reunion from the class of ’71 that you may be later attending.
  7. That America is a great place, I mean seriously, the U.S. Air Guitar Championship? That’s awesome.
  8. That a guy named Craig Billmeier can call himself Hot Lixx Hulahan without Hulahan even being a family name. Why? Because he can, that’s why.
  9. That it is a true testament to freedom of the press and expression and greatness of the country you live in when you can redirect listeners to a video about air guitar contests while President Obama gives his foreign policy speech.
  10. That it’s more fun if you take things such as air guitar-ing seriously and lighten up on everything else.

And in a bonus item, you get to say stuff like, it’s “air time baby.” We’re not talking about Not an air-powered instrument, not an oxygen based piece of hardware but nothing, fingers and body moving to music.


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